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500 5th Ave SE, Glen Burnie, MD

Glen Burnie Post 40

Message from the Commander






American Legion Post 40 has been a part of Glen Burnie serving Veterans, their families, and the community for nearly 80 years.  We'd like to invite you to be an active part of "Team 40".  This year Post 40 will concentrate on pooling our valuable resources to enhance our ability to support American Legion programs.  We will focus on supporting all Veterans every day.  This can only be done by working as a team.  We encourage all members of the Post 40 family to get involved.  Why?  Because we believe in America and what it stands for.  As part of the family of American Legion Posts, we know what it takes to support the programs that help America stay strong.  It takes work, time and dedication, but those who help get a genuine feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction in doing something helpful for our Veterans and the community.  If you are looking for a Post home, we strongly suggest you consider Post 40.  If you are a current member of Post 40, SAL Squadron or Auxiliary 40, we ask that you become active and a part of the Team.

We have something special here on 5th Avenue.  It is called comradeship.  Legionnaires, Sons of the American Legion, and the American Legion Auxiliary all work together as a team creating a positive atmosphere that produces results.  When we help a Veteran or their family that is in need, and do it as a group, we become that group.  Our Post has a great group.  When we put on a program, you will see all three Units working side by side.  If this sounds like something you would be interested in being a part of, you should stop by the Post and talk to an Officer or any member about the Post 40 experience.  We have a friendly Lounge with a staff that is knowledgeable and waiting to serve you with a smile.  When you join Post 40 you become more than a member, you make friends, you become part of the Legion family.  You could join our Post and do nothing else; the membership in itself is a great value, but we really would rather you join and become active; a part of Team 40.  Whether you are currently a member or exploring the possibility of joining one of the three units within the Post family, our Team invites you to visit Post 40 and see the exciting things the Post 40 Team is doing for God and Country.







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