Glen Burnie Post 40


Post 40 Legion Officers


Commander:  Lester Brumfield, Jr.                                   

1st Vice Commander:  Carl "Buddy" George

2nd Vice Commander:  Bruce Easley

3rd Vice Commander:  Frank Sopel

Adjutant:  Ann Andersen                                Adjutant's Message

Chaplain: Rick Wilburt

Finance Officer:  Ron Kimery

Historian:  open

Judge Advocate:  Lonny Edmonds

Sergeant-at-Arms: Tim Wilson

Service Officer:  

Executive Board Trustees:  Burt Helmka, Michael Rampmeyer, Lynne Thompson

Past Commander:  Maude Smith

Post 40 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)  (Click to Review the Document)

The SOP was approved at the General Membership Meeting on December 9, 2020.

Revised: 12/11/2020












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