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Links to Other Resource Web Sites

Veterans Benefits and Services:

          The Ultimate Guide to Veterans Benefits - This site contains information about Veterans Benefits, VA Benefits for Monetary Help, Veterans Benefits for Spouses and Family Members, Veteran Burial Benefits, Tax Benefits for Veterans, Veteran Tax Benefit and Eligibility, Free Tax Services, Eligibility for Deductions, Keep Diligent Records, Reporting Tax Liability, Tax Exclusions, Disabled Veterans Benefits, Educational and Training Veterans Benefits, Housing Grants and Mortgage. Veteran Benefits That Are Taxable, and State Property Tax Benefits

          Resources For Disabled Veterans - This site is a starting point to answering questions about where to go for help for disabled Veterans.  The website and its links are managed by a private financial institution, but the information on where to go for help is valid.

Veteran's Employment & Business Opportunities:

          A Veteran's Guide to Starting & Financing a Small Business - An in-depth guide for veterans who are interested in starting their own business.

         Guide for Veteran's Small Business Loans - Resource for information in obtaining small business loans geared towards Veterans.

          U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs Employment Services - A diverse employment resources page for veterans who are looking to enhance their education, skills, and careers.

Illness/Medical/Better Health:

         Addiction and Sleep - describes drug and alcohol-related sleep disorders and effects of various habit-forming substances on sleeping

         Addiction Resources For American Communities - Outreach Team organization called Addiction Group to help Veterans and people fight who may have a substance abuse addiction

        Alcohol Addiction Prevention - AlcoholRehabHelp has addiction treatment information

        Addiction Center - Information about addiction and treatment in the Baltimore area

        Addiction Resources - Information about addiction and treatment in Maryland

        Detox/Rehab Programs - VA substance use treatment programs for Veterans

         Drug Dangers -  provides information on a range of medications and medical devices that have serious complications

         Drug Rehab for Veterans:  Substance Use Trends & Where to Get Help

         Mesothelioma, Asbestos Cancer, and Our Veterans

         Mesothelioma Fund - help victims and their families obtain financial assistance through asbestos trust funds. Free medical care is imperative for those dealing with the cost of treating this deadly disease.

         Mesothelioma Guide - Veterans asbestos exposure - were you exposed? Also learn the basics, locate doctors, discover treatment options, prognosis (survival rates & surgery), financial & legal resources

         Mesothelioma Symptoms

         Mesothelioma Prognosis (most up-to-date and comprehensive information about Pleural Mesothelioma)

         PTSD in Military Veterans: Causes, Symptoms and Steps Toward Recovery

         PTSD - Understanding a Veteran with PTSD:  Information collected by Maryville University includes an overview of PTSD, signs & symptoms, avoidance symptoms, risk factors, treatments and therapies, free booklets & brochures, and more

Legal Assistance/Know Your Rights:

         Consumer Justice Foundation:  Protects the rights of consumers who have been harmed by a dangerous pharmaceutical drug or a defective consumer product.  Contact the consumer advocates at the Consumer Justice Foundation if you or a loved one has suffered serious drug- or device-related injuries.

         Medical Malpractice Center:  Not affiliated with any law office, this Center goal is to spread medical malpractice awareness.  Information and resources are 100% free to all visitors to the Medical Malpractice Center's website. Those looking for information and non-legal help are guided to a patient advocate team who can help them with their prognosis, find the best doctor for them, and educate patients on their treatment options.

         Service Animals:   FindLaw put together A Complete Guide to Service Animal Laws, Rights, and Resources.

        Asbestos DiseasesA law firm that helps veterans affected by asbestos diseases to receive compensation.

Moving Guide/Help: 

     Moving Help GuideThis is your go-to source for anything that is related to your next move -- from commercial moves to residential. Wwhether you are active duty going on a PCS, a college student moving away to live in a dorm, or if you have decided to move somewhere else, there are plenty of tips and information about moving, including finding moving companies.

Safety, Security & Protection for Consumers:

          ConsumerDangers.Com continually provides updates with breaking news from Government agencies, Watchdog Groups, and concerned citizens about Recalls & Safety on every day products that can potentially cause harm to consumers. [Site under construction- if not up by May 1st, it will be removed]

          Identity Theft Protection - The research team compiled a list of 26 services and identified the top 10 products to review based on the 33 most important features.

          Identity Theft Protection - Consumer Affairs lists the various brands, benefits and costs of identity theft protection plans; most commonly asked questions are answered; who should get this protection; and read reviews from expert users.

            Recall ReportRecall Report was created to alert the public to the latest information on dangerous drugs and products. With hundreds of suspected or confirmed dangerous drugs and products on the market, the up-to-date information provided on recalls, alerts, and side effects is vital to keeping your family safe.

War Injuries:
      Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries

War Records:
        Vietnam War casualties listed by Home of Record